Facebook is plans to buy cheap Wireless Oculus Rift next year

One of the biggest problems for high-volume, annoying virtual reality glasses and lots of cables you need to connect to your computer, Facebook now works on a new virtual reality camera that works wirelessly.

The new Oculus Rift glasses can connect to the smartphone and computer, and Facebook plans to sell them at a cheap price of up to $ 200.

The glasses will be in the middle between the glasses that put a phone like Gear VR and sold at about $ 130, independent glasses like the Oculus Rift $ 400 and need a powerful computer that could raise the cost to $ 1000.

With the new glasses you can play with virtual reality, watch video and access social networks. Facebook has made improvements in the glasses in terms of the smaller design of the Oculus Rift and lighter than the Samsung glasses.

The virtual reality glasses market is still weak in terms of demand and Facebook is trying to revolutionize it as Apple did with smartphones. According to IDC figures, the first quarter of this year witnessed the shipment of 2.3 million glasses from different companies and species, compared to smart phones, where the shipment of 347 million phones.

Samsung controls shipments, accounting for 22%, followed by Sony with PlayStation and HTC with its standalone lens and fourth with Okulos Rift.

To revolutionize the virtual reality of the need for an integrated system, the most important content and applications, not the device itself, since Facebook even if you can create a wireless device and design well but there is not enough of the games and applications and good uses of virtual reality, we will not find the increasing demand for them.

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