Asus Starts Shipping Zenfone 4 Phones in August

Asus used to announce the new phones in June at Computex, but this year it will seem different, as it is clear that the phones will be announced in the Zenfone 4 category sooner.

So far, one phone, Zenfone 4 Max, has been announced and five other phones are expected to be announced. According to a report from the company, Zenfone 4 phones will be available in August, and the first group will start selling them Zenfone 4 Max phones and then will be issued the rest of the phones of this category.

There have been rumors that Asus plans to announce more Zenfone 4 phones by the end of this month, which seems to be true with the release of these phones in August. Some or all of these phones may reach Europe by the end of September.

This step from ASUS at this time will put it in competition with upcoming iPhone phones and Sony phones expected at IFA and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which may not be a step in favor of the company.




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