The United States removes Kaspersky from the list of certified companies

Kaspersky’s fears are about to come true, with the US administration removing Donald Trump, a Russian security and protection firm, from the list of approved companies to contract with US government institutions to provide IT services and digital imaging equipment.

According to a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Services in the US government, the decision was taken after careful review and investigation was conducted. This is the most important thing the United States has done against Kaspersky after government officials doubt Kaspersky’s association with the Russian government.

Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky and its CEO have publicly stated that the company has not and will not help any government in the world on digital spying. He expressed his intention to inform the US government of parts of the source code of its programs to reassure them that their applications do not spying on the government.

This escalating step may not be the last, although Kaspersky has been removed from the list of companies that the US government agrees to work with and buy its services and products, but it continues to provide services and contracting with various authorities.

But this cooperation may stop at any moment when the US administration decides to ban public authorities and institutions from cooperating with Kaspersky and using its protection programs.

Kaspersky said it had not received any statement from the US government on its removal from the list of companies approved, adding that it has become in the middle of geopolitical differences between the United States and Russia, where everyone tries to use the company in its game to pressure the other party.




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