Samsung’s future phones may become better in memory management

According to a new report released today, it seems that future Samsung phones are likely to be better in memory management. The report notes that improving the memory management feature of Samsung’s future low- and middle-class phones will make these devices more functional. It is said that Samsung is currently developing the “Storage Saving” feature.

The report claims that Samsung’s new “Storage Saving” feature will help users easily free memory on their smartphones. This feature is said to be similar to what Google Photos actually does, which is to delete local copies of all the photos and videos that have been backed up in the cloud. In the case of Samsung, smartphones will transfer content to the Samsung Cloud service.

It remains to be seen how effective this feature is, especially considering the fact that the Samsung Cloud Cloud Storage Service does not provide unlimited storage space. Users get only 15GB of free storage, and with today’s use, this space is not too large to meet the needs of users in the long term.

Storage Saving is also said to bring the Samsung Device Maintenance feature to more devices. You will be the center of all your phone memory and performance settings. Because low and medium Samsung devices are often required to deliver better performance, this feature should improve the user experience on these devices.

Unfortunately, the report did not tell us when Samsung would release the “Storage Saving” feature for the devices mentioned above, but we hope to get that information in the near future.




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