Microsoft closes factory computers giant Surface Hub

According to media outlets in Oregon, Microsoft closed its own factory to produce the giant Surface Hub computers, with the dismissal of 124 employees who were working there.

Microsoft has confirmed the news to The Verge, a memory that it is committed to developing its 84-inch and 55-inch notebooks. But plans to move the factories to another location without revealing more details.

It is likely that the company will move the production of Surface Hub computers to other facilities in China to minimize costs. The 55-inch computer sells for $ 9,000. While the 84-inch computer sells for about $ 22,000.

According to some reports, Microsoft has successfully sold all of the Surface Hub devices it produced. This means either that they are very popular, or that the company has already produced small quantities.

Microsoft is competing in this category with Google, which has also launched Jamboard devices to be smart panels used in conference rooms, which are primarily for companies.


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