Apple Maps starts using virtual reality on iOS 11

There is a feature known in Apple Maps for iPhone that allows you to tour any big city like a giant Godzilla monster, but you must first take some steps to activate it.

Although it has been on Apple’s maps since the launch of iOS 6, the “Flyover” feature is still relatively unknown, mostly because of some past restrictions. When made available for the first time, a realistic three-dimensional view of the plane’s eye on buildings and landmarks in large cities could be obtained, but it was recently developed.

On iOS 8, Apple added the City Tours feature, which allows the traveler to automatically be guided on the highlights that a person can visit during his vacation.

Now things are much better. Flyover has its new look in iOS 11. Instead of using satellites to draw places in 3D, we can now take a city tour more freely and move between buildings and roads by moving the phone.

With the ARKit Virtual Reality Pack, you can now walk around the city on your iPhone using Virtual Reality. In the map of Flyover you will see the names of cities, monuments and buildings, and you can zoom in and out to go to different areas of the city.

Cities available in this feature

Although Apple has launched the Flyover feature since 2012, it will not be able to use it everywhere. In fact, there are 300 cities available, so there is still plenty to explore. You can see the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and other famous places. To find out the full list of approved cities, visit the Apple website.

 Activate Flyover mode

After selecting a city to explore, just search for it in the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, then click on the city’s highest score. On the next screen, you’ll see a “Flyover” button in the lower info panel. Just click on it, and you can now explore the destination you have chosen.

Explore the city like the Godzilla Monster

Maps will give you some quick instructions to move forward, backward, or on both sides during the Flyover presentation. You should take care not to obstruct the iPhone phone camera, in order not to distract the mapping mode and configure a different surface.

If you do not want to get up and move in real time, you can walk around the city with the drag and pull gestures on the screen, but you still have to turn around to get different destinations for the city and go up and down the phone, but you do not have to stand up and walk around.

Tour in Flyover mode

If you want to get a tour of the city you can press the Start City Tour button, which you find when entering the Flyover mode or by dragging the info bar at the bottom. You can stop the tour by pressing Pause Tour if you want to take a small break, or you can press the Close button “X” to exit Flyover mode completely.

While the Flyover mode is not entirely new, the new VR features make it more useful and fun to explore cities around the world, especially if you have VR virtual reality glasses.


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