Microsoft launches Seeing AI application to describe the world of the blind

Microsoft launched the Seeing AI application, which uses the computer vision to describe the world to the blind, so users can direct their phone camera to the person in front of them, telling them who is the person in front of them, what they feel and what is the impression on their face.

The camera can also be directed to the products and tell them what the quality of the product is. All this is done by artificial intelligence technology that works on their phones. The application can also identify and know household products by scanning the product’s barcode. It can also read and check the documents. It is one of the most important features.

Microsoft unveiled the beta demo for Seeing AI in March last year at the Build conference, but as of today the app is available for download on the iOS system in the United States, but we have no information about its availability on Android or its availability in other countries .

The application uses artificial neural networks that describe and identify the world around you, the same technology used in the Silicon Valley, which is found in self-propelled vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. In an interview with Saqib Shaikh, a pioneer and developer of this application at the Microsoft Conference in London, That the application uses the application to read more documents such as tags and lists, and also the application directs the user, tells him to move the camera left or right to know the target more clearly, and this application is characterized by faster response and face recognition quickly.




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