Logitech buys Astro for $ 85 million

Logitech announced that it will buy Astro for $ 85 million in gaming consoles and that the deal will become formal next month.

Ojish Desai, vice president of Logitech G brand, said the Astro gaming headset would be ideal for the G brand, which focuses on gaming computers. Logitech has issued a press release announcing the acquisition of Astro, stating that they consider the deal an investment in the gaming market to help accelerate growth in this area in the long run.

The company said it expects the deal to add two signs of growth in 2018 and that growth will continue as they seek to expand and invest globally.

“The company’s team has always been interested in Logitech G products,” said co-founder and president of Astro Jordan Rays. “We are delighted with this transaction and the combination of the company’s strengths with the technology offered by Logitech G products with a global distribution network will contribute In delivering their products to more players around the world.




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