Google launches a backup application for your files to Drive

A month ago, we talked about a new program that Google is planning to launch. It allows you to backup and synchronize your files on your computer to Google Drive, which means that you do not have to be in the specific service folder, and now the application is available for download.

The new software supports Windows and Mac, and can backup files from multiple storage media such as cameras (video and photo) memory cards and flash memory. All these files are backed up and they exist in their natural folders without the need to transfer them to the folder Google Drive.

Of course this service will make it much easier for users to safely keep their important files where you back up and synchronize changes. Here we talk about important files because you will easily use your specific storage space if you choose to back up your entire computer files, as well as the long time and data consumption required to copy and upload files.

With the new Google program, just select the folders you are interested in, and the program will copy them to your account on the DRIVE service and synchronize the new changes that occur.

Google aims to encourage people to use their services in the hope of purchasing paid storage space provided by Google at cheap and competitive prices.

For download from here to copy on the drive, and also provides Google Copy program for photos.




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