Facebook brings live streaming to virtual reality

Here’s one of the crazy ideas that Facebook thinks will become commonplace someday, you can make a live broadcast of yourself from virtual reality to the outside !.

Now with the Virtual Reality Spaces app, you can put a virtual camera and live stream of two-dimensional video into friends outside Virtual Reality.

Facebook has launched at the last developers’ conference the Spaces application, which currently supports the Okulos Rift glasses just to allow users to experience a whole new level of virtual reality connectivity and connect it with real reality.

This means that Facebook will not only make people in the real world live on Facebook for their friends, but even virtual characters can now broadcast live to their real friends.

Of course, when we talk about a virtual character for you, this creates new possibilities that are actually impossible in terms of interacting with comments and reactions that viewers can send.

In any case, the subject is still in its infancy and will not be available to a large segment of users because of its exclusivity on the glasses of Oculus Rift, which controls a small share of the market compared to other non-independent spectacles.

But in one way or another, Facebook’s plan for the next decade will make our virtual characters connect with each other and connect the virtual world to one another after connecting the real world to today’s more than 2 billion users.




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