Secure360 camera warns you when your car is being stolen

Waylens for the Dashcam camera is working on a new Horizon camera camera that was released at the end of last year. The new camera will come in the name of Secure360, a Dash Cam camera that is placed on the car’s dashboard to take pictures and videos at 360 degrees.

The main purpose of the Horizon camera is to capture videos and data on your performance on the road. The Secure360 is a traditional Dash Cam camera, capable of capturing images at full viewing angles, not just the front corner. Not logged in.

The Secure360 camera works continuously like the security cameras in your home, which means that you can rest assured your car through live broadcast on your phone. The camera can also use the built-in speedometer and built-in GPS to monitor events and send them to you, meaning they can alert you when someone tries to steal or sabotage your vehicle.

The Secure360 camera comes with a 4G connection support and will be sold for $ 349 and is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2018.

The company also offers another version of the camera with Wi-Fi support only at $ 249, which is used only when driving, a camera Dash Cam for high-resolution 360 degrees, is expected to be shipped in November this year.



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