Korea’s note FE and forecasts for global launch this month

Samsung’s Note Note has been launched in South Korea and has been very successful. Nearly 400,000 units have been launched in the South Korean markets. According to retailers, customers have come to purchase the device that has been developed and refurbished

Where there is a daily increase in the rate of activation of devices by 60% since the launch of the phone last week.

Black Onyx and Blue Coral are very popular and the price of the device is $ 610. Note FE is 20% cheaper than the price of Note 7 at the start of the deal, but it is a high price for a device from last year.

Samsung is marketing Note FE as a limited edition, and this is an opportunity for note lovers to buy a copy of the release. An official from the company told The Investor that the current shares will not be renewed once sold in South Korea. The truth is that Samsung has made a rare industrial case Re-ordering this phone, which caused a lot of problems and ridicule which probably will not forget the company.

According to an in-house source in an interview with The Investor, the phone could be launched globally by the end of this month, but Samsung has not yet determined which countries will launch the phone, but it is expected that the launch will be limited to some markets.

Analysts estimate that Samsung manufactured 2.5 million units of Note 7, but a series of incidents followed and found some problems, forcing it to call the device out of the market, but did not update all Note 7 to Note FE, part of which will be recycled and used. The announcement of the launch of the Note Note phone by the company, Greenpeace, and other environmental organizations, led the company to be more interested in recovering some of the billions of losses suffered by the recovery of Note 7.




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