Image leaks of the next Pixel XL phone with compressible edges

Published a design image believed to be the final design of the next pixel phone by large measure. While there is still plenty of time to launch new pixel phones, the big pixel will have a design very similar to the image above.

We find from the design the interface of the device with almost no screen edges with no buttons and a single front camera. On the back, there is the fingerprint sensor, the rear camera and the flash with the logo below. The rear design is very similar to the design of the first generation where it blends between aluminum and glass.

It is thought that LG will manufacture the phone, which will carry a 6-inch and 2: 1-inch AMOLED display with curved edges. According to the sources, Google may apply the idea of ​​”phone age” HTC has also introduced in the latest phones U11, where you press the edges of the phone at different levels to perform different tasks.

Google is not expected to unveil the Pixel phones coming before October, and until then there is a possibility that some minor changes will occur in the design, but in general the source of the leaks indicates a high degree of credibility because this design will be the final one way or another.




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