Facebook Messenger starts showing ads to everyone

Sooner or later, Facebook will make profits from Messenger, and the fastest and best way is advertising, where the social network has recently started testing ad units in limited countries, and now has decided to expand them all over the world.

In the coming months until the end of the year, Facebook will gradually apply its advertising policy within Messenger, where it will display ads on the homepage, showing messages with interactive buttons through which to buy products and services or download applications or visit sites and others.

Previously Facebook provided pages with the ability to send promotional messages to users who had previously communicated with them, but with this expansion, ads will appear to everyone regardless of prior contact, as long as you meet the targeting criteria.

According to the product manager at Messenger Facebook, the company looked for several ways to achieve profits from the service used by 1.2 billion users, but they were all about the ads in one way or another.

Facebook knows how dangerous it is to show ads to its users, so this will be greatly enhanced with an emphasis on taking into account the specific targeting.

If you want to use Messenger without ads, you will probably have to give up some features and use the diluted version.




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