Apple’s moves in Spain indicate the possibility of Street View coming to apple maps

Apple cars have begun scouring the streets of Spain to collect photos from different regions for use in Apple Maps, according to the official map page on the company’s official website.

From 3 July to 13 August, Apple cars will take pictures of streets and buildings in different parts of Spain. They are also currently roaming the streets of Italy, Britain, France, as well as various states in America.

The company relies on these cars on the sensors Lidar “Lidar”, to take pictures, the same sensors that rely on the self-driving system.

Apple should use those images in Maps. But added a note that faces and car panels will be fully encrypted to maintain user privacy. This means that images may be used for another service in Google Street View-like maps, which allows roaming the streets using maps only.

Apple may use those images in its self-driving system. Images may provide algorithms for street analysis and driving experience by default before they are released on a large scale.

At the beginning of May, Apple began using pickup trucks in some new areas in the United States to collect imagery and road data for use in the mapping application as well.

Maps on iOS 11 support some airports and business centers, so you can take advantage of the app to browse around and get directions.


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