Report: Wireless charging accessory will not be ready when iPhone 8 launches this year

A lot of rumors over the past period have confirmed that the iPhone 8 phones to be launched in 2017 will support wireless charging technology, but today a new report appeared through the John Gruber blog indicating that this wireless charging accessory was not available when the phone was launched.

The report explained that the inductive charger will be sold separately from the iPhone phone itself and this is already confirmed by many previous reports, indicating that the utilization of the new shipping technology will be delayed already and was not implemented through the version of iOS 11.1.

It is worth mentioning that earlier rumors indicated that the iPhone 8 will support a form of wireless long-range, while other reports confirmed that the phone will function in the inductive charging “Inductive” and some also said that the upcoming Apple phone will support the capabilities of wireless charging on the basis of Qi technology.

The chief executive of the iPhone maker in India said the new phone would support the wireless charging feature, while Powermat said that wireless charging would be standard features on the iPhone. A separate report claimed that Apple would use smart connectors to take advantage of wireless charging technology .

In the end, we can say that there are many expectations that wireless chargers will be sold separately from iPhone devices, which leaves the possibility of delaying the use of this technology once the phone is launched.




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