Waymo is retreating from 75 % of its charges against Uber

Waymo and Uber are preparing to begin judicial proceedings before the Tribunal at the beginning of October 2017. For this reason, the outline of the case has become clearer and finalized after it began in February with a large and puzzling set of charges.

Waymo, which operates under the umbrella of Alphabet, has dropped three out of four charges against Uber, charges that included robberies made by the latter during the development of LIDAR.

At the same time, Uber asked Apple’s CEO, Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, to ask him why he did not cooperate with Uber in self-leadership despite his investments. She also plans to question the legal officer at Alfabet, who has worked in Uber for three years.

The case began when a Waymo employee stole 14,000 documents and documents before resigning and heading for his start-up company, which develops self-propelled trucks. A little later, the same employee joined Uber after taking over his start-up company to start charges from Waymo, who later discovered the robbery case.

The court called on the parties to the dispute to study the charges they wish to give them carefully before appearing before the judge, which made Alphabet give up three of its charges in order to avoid weakening its final position.

On the other hand, a spokesman for Uber said that this decline indicates that the charges were null and with the intention of causing harm only, as it was revealed that Uber did not steal the designs of light sensors.


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