10 interactive YouTube games produced using “Annotations”

Several months ago, YouTube decided to turn off Annotations, a feature that allows some clickable comments to be added to the video to appear in front of viewers during the show. Through this feature, video makers can correct errors after publishing and refer to other videos or personal sites , And beyond that they were allowed to convert their regular videos into interactive videos.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video can be designed to stimulate the learner to interact with the visual content in front of him. For example, the PlayPosit platform provides tools to convert any normal video To interactive questions and activities that the learner will solve during the presentation of the video to make the best use of the material.

There are a lot of applications and tools for creating interactive content on the Internet in general, professional tools for companies and organizations (such as Rapt Media and WIREWAX) and free and available to each site owner and blog (like the H5P), but even on YouTube was available through Annotations “Which has been discontinued, but still works in old videos.

It’s true that some channel owners misused the feature and made it a nuisance to the viewer, and it is true that it was not working on smartphones, but it helped to get the creativity out of the minds of some content creators and produced interactive video games like games. Some use it to be like the index through which you can navigate between parts of the video (as in this video) or as a guide to move between the Quran walls, as in this video that combines the whole Quran .

We will review with you some of the best interactive videos made in the past years through the Annotations feature, which are like fun games where a person can spend some fun time without being bored, some have educational goals and deliver the message in an interesting way, but before You see these videos, you make sure you are using a computer because it does not work via smartphone.

1. Search for Dexter

Do you remember the contest “Search for curiosity” in Majid magazine, this game looks like it, but you will not look at the paper pages, but in a scene filled with people walking and crowded places, you look for a person named “Dexter” is the character that appeared in a series carries the same Name, when you see the character and click on the box in it will move to the next level, and continue to climb through the stages.

If you can not click on the video surface, make sure that you are watching the video on your computer and that you are enabled for the Annotations feature as in the picture:

2. Choose a different end

In the movies and the acting scenes, you see the end set by the director. It is true that we always want them to be happy, but it may be a sad ending and there is nothing in our hands to change the scene, but through the next game – available on YouTube – you are able to control the end of each scene , And every end will lead to a series of events. It is a beautiful game with an implicit message that small decisions can lead to unexpected big events. Get to know this game more and start your dramatic adventure.

3. Playing Piano on YouTube

Yes, you can play the piano without leaving the YouTube network, there are several videos that provide this possibility, the next video one, instructions are simple, wait until the video is finished completely, then use the keyboard buttons (0-9). A button will hear the tone opposite you, but if you are interested in how to make such a video, there is an article explaining the steps.

4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Yes, it is a million, but, as the presenter says, one million theorems, not a real one, this game takes you in the atmosphere of television competitions such as (from the millionaire), where you are asked questions and each question has four options, and also has the means of assistance is to contact a friend, Then the difficulty is something small.

5. The Chase

Is a movie based on the idea of choosing a scenario, similar to Video No. 2, this time you run away from people who want to arrest you, you have to choose the right scenario at the crossroads of some roads and determine the direction from which to escape or hide it, you may be lucky and continue to escape, You may choose a path that leads to your capture. The difference between this video and the previous is that the script here is all inside the video and not through separate videos.

7. La Linea game

A cartoon character asks you to define its next options and activities, through icons that refer to opaque shapes. These shapes will know their meaning after you click on each one until you reach the unexpected end.

8. The Treasure Hunt

Another game of the “choice of scenario” but distinct from the rest professional output and the thrill of the story, telling the story of an old treasure map found by employees of a company and then kidnapped by a gang leader in order to seize the map, but the problem that they destroyed through the paper destruction device.

9. Street fighting

Perhaps the most famous games that appeared on YouTube and the oldest, depends on the feature of the Annotations, but the disadvantage that each movement by the player is in a separate video, and therefore there are many videos that must be operated, which impedes the flow of the game, and thought as its name, Discount via free wrestling movements.

10. Complete the phrase

Is a game produced by channel “SHOWTIME”, depending on the serial “Californication” will see some sections of the series and you have to guess the continuation of the sentence that the actor says to complete and move to the next stages.


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