The Intel 545s hard disk has a size, higher speed and a reasonable price

It is difficult to find a hard drive at a reasonable price that delivers good performance and high storage space at the same time; but it seems Intel intends to change this. It will launch the 2.5-inch, 2.5-inch steel hard disk, which is supposed to offer large storage Speed ​​in performance.

This is the first hard disk with high-density 64-bit memory memory, which provides plenty of space with relatively few chips and thus low price while maintaining good performance. Although the 512 GB model will cost $ 180, it will not be the cheapest in its class, but its market price is still tempting.

The data transfer rate will be 550 Mbps at 500 Mbps, which is a good rate but not the quality of last year’s hard drive performance which provided a 540 Mbps transmission rate, but some reports suggest that medium disks that provide a transfer rate of 540 Mbps performance decreases when the voltage is increased, while the 545s steel disc keeps the rate at almost the same speed in all circumstances.

There will be more hard disk sizes available in the coming weeks, from 128 GB to 2TB. The biggest problem is that competition is fierce. Companies such as Samsung, Toshiba and Western Digital are on their way to offering their own 64-bit, Now Intel, this competition can easily lead to price wars and reduce the cost of hard drives.




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