Facebook develops new application for video talks live group video chat

A new Facebook experience for video content will appear over the course of months and is a separate app for video conferencing similar to the Houseparty application that the developer of Meerkat developed after failing to compete.

Facebook is now naming its new application, Bonfire, and has recently introduced its employees to take a look at it during the development, which is expected to launch this fall.

The app idea is somewhat different from the hangout on Messenger, so the user’s friends will be notified as soon as they open the app to join a video-like celebration.

Facebook noted the success of the Houseparty application among teens, which Facebook will target specifically, with more than 1 million users spending about 20 million minutes a day using the application.

For its part, Facebook has a great experience with the collective video, whether from Messenger or from live broadcast on its social network or on Watasab or Instagram as a direct video, and also aims to attract young teenagers who tried all the possibilities to reach them.

With Houseparty in the Apple App Store, it is enough to see how successful and growing it is, which drives Facebook to experiment with the development of a stand-alone application if it integrates with the official application or fails – as with many previous applications – Simply.

It is worth mentioning that the sources talked about the development of Facebook for a new application also called Talk without providing additional details about his job but it is believed to be directed to young people to encourage them to talk with their grandparents and their parents through video talks also.




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