OnePlus 5 voice problems

OnePlus 5 has encountered a number of recent criticisms that the company has officially defended. The latest is the so-called “jelly” effect that appears when scrolling. The company has made it clear that it is not a problem; but now a new voice problem has been discovered on the phone.

According to reports, videos recorded in landscape mode play the sound on the wrong track, which means that sounds on the right side of the screen are output from the left speaker and vice versa, as shown in the next video recorded on the OnePlus 5 phone.

Reports show that this happens only when the phone is in landscape mode and the headphone jack is right-aligned; but this problem does not occur when the socket is left-handed.

It is likely that the phone does not reflect the sound output from the stereo microphones – one on the top of the phone and the other on the bottom – depending on how the device is carried; a problem that can also be seen on the OnePlus 3T phone.

This problem may be considered by some as a big problem; but it is not for several reasons:

  • Videos can be recorded to other modes without problems.
  • Most likely there is a solution to the problem within the system, it is easy to set the path that plays the sound.
  • OnePlus 5 has a mono speaker, which means that you will only notice the problem if you play the video on another phone or if you use the speakers.

The company explained that it is currently investigating this problem and will be fixing it in the next update.




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