Chinese Alibaba Group Launches Its digital assistance Tmall Genie

Alibaba Group has launched a new home assistant named Tmall Genie, to follow in the footsteps of the other e-commerce giant Amazon and its digital assistant Echo.

The new device is equipped with a digital assistant called AliGenie, an assistant currently supporting Chinese, specifically mandarin, with a limited version of a group of users by mid-July at around $ 74.

It does not know the full technical specifications of the device, but it is similar in shape to two Echo formats from Amazon and Google Home, it is cylindrical with a base consisting of a set of speakers.

Through Tmall Genie can order products from Tmall shop of Alibaba Group. Voice commands can also be performed to control the home, weather and news, as well as play music. The company has also dedicated a page to access skills – applications – to add additional properties constantly.

After the device arrives on the market, users will have a wide range of options with promises to provide the new Apple home assistant by the end of 2017, and news spread a while ago about the desire of Samsung is also the launch of a home assistant that works by Bixby.


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