No official date has been set to launch Qualcomm technology for the fingerprint sensor built into the screen

Qualcomm last week presented its work on integrated fingerprint sensor technology on the screen, which gave the hope that the iPhone 8 would have a built-in fingerprint sensor on the screen. But a new report from Apple’s Ming Chi-Ku analyst at KGI Securities indicated that Qualcomm would not ship this Sensors are coming soon, and that there is no deadline for mass production of this technology.

Qualcomm offered a trial version of the technology on Vivo, but there is no official release at the moment. Ming explained that the technology is developed but not yet perfect because of the speed and response time.

“There are some things that are not confirmed in the integrated screen sensor technology. Qualcomm will face a challenge in the smart phone market because this technology works with a thin glass cover and flexible OLED panels, and these things do not exist on all smartphones. Ming also pointed out that consumers do not mind the presence of the sensor at the back as some believe.

It seems that Apple will not rely on Qualcomm’s technology on its next phone, but it may develop its own technology.





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