Microsoft will lay off thousands of sales staff for restructuring

Microsoft began a plan to reorganize the company’s international sales team, forcing it to lay off thousands of employees around the world.

Microsoft will integrate and integrate organizational unit sales into one and more sectors that focus on small and medium businesses.

Microsoft has yet to announce a major layoff that will be announced in the coming weeks. Several media outlets have recently talked about a massive layoff campaign Microsoft will take to increase its focus on cloud services within its global sales team.

Over the past years, Microsoft’s sales teams have been trained to sell software and software services, but today companies are moving to cloud computing, so there is no longer any need for such teams.

Microsoft aims to reorganize the sales team to promote its cloud services such as Azure to compete with major companies such as Amazon and Google.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has restructured and organized a series of layoffs in the sales team. In last year’s amendment, Microsoft released 2,850 employees, including 900 sales staff.




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