Video shows the advantages of the ARKit package for enhanced reality

Apple officially announced support for the enhanced iOS 11 system after the launch of the ARKit package, which allows developers now to write applications that add elements of the user’s reality after taking advantage of the camera.

With the launch of the ARKit officially this fall, it is expected to be the largest platform to support enhanced reality, thanks to the use of camera, processors and motion sensors on iPhone and iPad in the best way to make a world of impressive reality.

While we will not see the first applications and games that will benefit from the ARKit package for a few months, Apple now has the experimental application for this package, the same name ARKit, which shows the image of what this feature can do.

Here is a video that reviews the advantages of this app, and what to expect from this package in the future.

ARKit uses a technology called Visual Inertial Odometry, which tracks the world around the iPhone and iPad, allowing the device to feel how it moves in the room. ARKit automatically analyzes the room, and detects horizontal objects such as tables and floors, allowing you to place some virtual objects on those surfaces.

Apple already has one of the companies that will use the best ARKit package, IKEA which is developing a new enhanced reality support application that will allow customers to preview IKEA products of all kinds of home furniture at home before making a purchase.

IKEA has offered enhanced functionality a few years ago, but the company says Apple’s new platform will greatly improve this experience. She noted that with ARKit, enhanced reality technology will play a key role in its production lines.


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