The announcement of the first Tesla Model 3 on Friday

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Alon Musk announced that the first production model of the Tesla Model 3 will be announced on Friday and the first 30 customers will receive their new cars from Tesla on the 28th of this month at a handover ceremony. Production is expected to grow significantly to 100 in August, more than 1,500 by September and 20,000 per month by December.

Tesla is expected to significantly increase production in 2018, producing around 500,000 cars a year. There are already more than 400,000 pre-purchase orders for the cars Tesla Model 3, and there is a large fan base waiting for any news about the car.

The Tesla Model 3 has been unveiled for more than a year at a luxury event at the company’s headquarters in California. At the time, Allon said he was confident the shipments would start by the end of 2017 and that there was no better car than they could buy for $ 35,000.

Alon said last month that the first customers of the new car will be limited in their ability to customize their orders, which will be limited to the color allocation of the car and the type of wheel only, as they kept the first production of the car is simple, Initially causing complications.

Tesla’s recent high rating of BMW’s market cap largely depends on Alon’s ability to sell his vision of sustainable battery-powered cars to a larger number of people. The price of the Tesla currently on the market – model S and model X – is very high , And the price of one to $ 100,000, while the Tesla Model 3 will start from the price of $ 35 thousand, making it cheaper in the group Tesla, which will allow the company the opportunity to sell more cars in the future.




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