Photos and videos with the full accuracy of Apple ‘s expected iPhone 8

Continuing with the leaking campaign on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 iPhone, the Onleaks Twitter account with Tiger Mobiles posted photos and high resolution video for the new phone.

The video and images are based on drawings drawn using Autocad AutoCAD, which are generated by a reliable lab that is fully familiar with the details of the new device.

According to the images, the device will carry a front face of a screen only, with the removal of the side edges too large to provide a larger screen. Apple has also allocated very small space for the earpiece, sensors and front camera. The rear face is made up of a vertical camera, which is mediated by a flash light without the fingerprint sensor on that face.

According to the measurements, the device will come in dimensions is 143.50 x 71.03 x 7.46 millimeters, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 7. The thickness is 9.1 mm taking into account the camera.

The section shows details of the device such as the glass used on the front and back sides, with the metal belt connecting the two sides together, a belt in black the same degree of color to the back.

The latest reports reported that Apple has successfully integrated the fingerprint sensor into the new OLED screen. Another confirmed that the device will carry wireless charging and three-dimensional sensors as well.

Samsung will be responsible for providing Apple with the iPhone 8 screens, and promises to provide at least 70 million screens at the end of 2017. But due to production problems, the company will not be able to supply Apple with 3 or 4 million OLEDs at most until the official release date.


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