Nato may respond militarily to the attack to grab the ransom Petya

Attack Software The ransom of the Petya ransom is a declaration of war, that is what NATO sees as a nation, not just ordinary pirates.

A statement issued by a NATO electronic defense center called CCD COE indicates that the attacks were motivated by a state or a state-backed group due to their complexity and high financial cost. This accusation means that the attacks are a declaration of war that calls for activating Article 5 of the Washington agreement and forcing NATO allies to respond to it.

More than 120,000 computers from 65 countries around the world have been affected by the attacks on the new ransom of Petya. As noted, the attack was aimed at causing technical problems, disrupting business and not gaining financial gains. Only a few users responded to ransom payments, Only $ 10,000 does not cover the cost of the attack even.

Pitya’s software was particularly offensive to Russia and Ukraine, where more than 2,000 computers were infected, but in other European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and even China.

According to researcher Gavin O’Gorman of Symantec, the malware attack was not aimed at making money and profit, rather than damaging as many of the vital Ukrainian enterprises and facilities as possible.




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