iCloud has been partially discontinued since June 27

Apple has confirmed that iCloud’s cloud storage service is experiencing problems that began on Tuesday evening, June 27, which are still ongoing.

According to Apple’s official website, which shows the state of services, the problem affects only 1% of users, but it has been going on for more than 24 hours without revealing the cause of those problems.

Some users have complained about the possibility of taking backups and storing them on iCloud, to answer Apple’s technical support account on Twitter, stressing the company’s efforts to reduce those problems and restore the service to function normally as soon as possible.

These problems will prevent data from being stored on the cloud or restore stored backups, but they will not be lost and the user will then be able to recover them without losing data.

Apple offers up to 5 gigabytes of free storage for all users. You can also pay a monthly subscription to increase the space. A 50 GB package is available for $ 0.99 per month, another 200GB for $ 2.99 and a 2 TB package at $ 10 per month.


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