Google makes simple adjustments to how results are displayed in their application to smart phones

Google has begun testing new search results design within its applications for Android and iOS devices from Apple.

In the new design, Google has adopted different colors. The links appear in light blue and the content summary appears dark gray after long black color.

The company changed the design of the cards for the search results, each result appears on its own card, and this is typical for users of Google applications. But the company got rid of the sharp edges and relied on the edges of the circular in each card, which paves the way to use the same in the interfaces of the Android system as well.

The company added an icon with its four dots in the colors of the Google logo, but it simply decorates the card and does not offer new options; the company usually displays a three-point icon to indicate a list of options.

The changes will slowly begin to get users, which are periodic changes that the company is always looking to do to present search results as best they can.

The company also launched the Google News news section in a completely new way for all users, to make it easier to access the latest news from reliable sources. Triangle, an application that allows users of the Android system to reduce the consumption of the Internet on their devices, and more easily control the consumption of applications in general.


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