Windows 10 will hide your important files from malicious ransom software

Microsoft is making some significant security changes to Windows 10 with the upcoming Fall Creators Update, which is due to arrive in September to combat the recent e-mail threat through ransomware such as wannacry and petya
Windows 10 Labs can now access the preview of added changes, which includes a new feature to control access to files and folders on the user’s machine, controlled folder access, designed to allow only specific applications to access folders, read, write or create anything inside them. , The default list prevents apps from accessing your desktop, photos, movies, and document folders.

This new feature monitors changes made by applications to files in certain protected folders. If the application tries to make a change to these files, the application is immediately listed in the blacklist, and the user will be notified of that attempt.
The new feature is designed to protect files from viruses and malicious ransomware from closing and damaging certain folders. Microsoft also adds more security enhancements to Windows Defender in Windows 10, helping prevent viruses and malware from exploiting system vulnerabilities in the first place .




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