Telegram raises the maximum number of subscribers to 10,000

Telegram for chat and instant messaging has received a group update that has raised the maximum number of subscribers to 10,000.

Group and user managers can search for any specific user within those groups. Because this large number of users is difficult to manage, Telegram has introduced a new set of tools for managers.

First, the powers of managers so that you can add managers with limited powers such as preventing them from adding new managers, blocking people, installing or deleting messages, etc.

Telegram also provided the ability to prevent users from publishing and participating in groups without having to ban them completely, meaning that they could read messages but could not reply. As the picture shows, you can choose any kind of potential or prohibited powers for users and specify the blocking and blocking period.

Of course, groups of ten thousand people need more than one manager, which means multiple modifications applied so there is a need to see each change and the director who did during the last 48 hours.

On the other hand, the Telegram update on iPhone provided an improvement in sharing additions so that while you are sharing from other apps to Telegram, add a comment or choose multiple receivers for the same message.

The 3D Touch feature is useful so that you can take a picture or record a video directly by clicking on the app icon or sending to multiple people together.

On Android there is support for payment service Android PayPut for payment and improved in the selection of multimedia files so that pictures and videos appear together while sending attachments from the list or studio.

Finally, to avoid any kind of censorship of your messages – despite the Telegram encryption – you can set up and add a proxy server to pass messages through it by visiting the storage and data section in the settings.

The update is now gradually available on Android and iOS




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