Windows 10 offers protection from ransom software and file encryption

After the big hit by ransom software such as WannaCry and Petya, Microsoft announced the launch of a new preview version of Windows 10 with the protection of file encryption.

The preview version with build number 16232 has been delivered to the Windows 10 trial participants, which offers advanced security features that will later reach all users in the upcoming fall update.

One of the new security features is a controlled folders feature that protects files inside folders from being modified by malicious applications and any other threats.

This means that Windows will monitor the protected folder and monitor any attempts to modify it. If you get unauthorized apps and do not download them officially, they will send you a notification.

The new feature can be activated under Windows Settings, specifically in the Windows Defender Security Center under the Virus and Threat Protection section.

It’s important to emphasize that this feature protects files within specific folders of your choice that contain your most sensitive data, not all folders. You can also choose applications that allow access to the selected folders.

Overall, we note Microsoft’s recent interest in security improvements in Windows 10, where it recently announced a new feature that will use machine learning and other Windows 10 computers around the world to protect your computer as well.




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