Instagram uses artificial intelligence to prevent spam and abusive comments

Given Facebook’s extensive expertise in artificial intelligence and adapting it to make the platform cleaner, it offers its experience to Instagram so that it uses artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to prevent spamming and abusive comments.

Facebook has already provided the keyword filter feature so that you can select specific words to prevent any content from appearing in the flow of your publications.

According to the new Instagram update for the platform, it will apply a filter to block all offensive comments on publications from photos, videos and even live broadcasts.

This filter will be available first in English, and later expand to nine other languages ​​not mentioned by Instagram and we do not expect Arabic to be among them as usual. The filter can be activated through the settings as shown above.

The other is to fight spam, looking at comments on publications and live broadcasts to prevent any spam or spam submissions from being displayed. This filter supports several languages, including Arabic.

According to informed sources, Instagram uses an intelligent intelligence called DeepText and has sophisticated capabilities to distinguish the meaning of the word contextually. For example, the word “white” may not be of the same meaning as “white snow” but may have a racial meaning in the phrase “white man”.

Of course, like other artificial intelligence systems, it develops over time and learns more of its potential mistakes. There is always an option to turn off these filters if you see them hiding comments that are not supposed to.




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