Exclusive photos from Apple’s new store in Taiwan

Apple has released exclusive pictures from Taiwan, specifically from its new store in the capital, Taipei City, which will start receiving visitors officially from July 1.

Apple has adhered to its own standards in designing the store so that there are large glass facades to provide natural light inside the store all the time, with large areas to feel free to move by customers during the experience of devices.

The company has dedicated venues for presentations and presentations at Today at Apple, which is held in more than 60 countries around the world, where Apple hosts a host of programmers, artists and photographers to talk about their experiences or provide quick lessons for attendees.

To avoid congestion, the company offers a scheduling tool to attend meetings. It already has a full program of all the people who will give in-store lectures to book a place and get a chance to take advantage of the content.

Apple has recently sought to set up a special press day to cover the new store before it officially opens. It has done the same in its third store in the United Arab Emirates, which was officially opened in April 2017.

Users around the world can go to the official program site to see upcoming events at nearby Apple stores. They can also register and confirm their presence to avoid the lack of adequate places if you go to the store without registration.


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