MacOS High Sierra is now available for download

The general beta version of MacOS High Sierra is now available and you can download it to your computer to experience new features if you are in a hurry.

The new system introduces a new file system called APFS that replaces the previous system + HFS to replace it as a default file system, but during the installation of the trial you can choose to stay on the old system, but this option will be removed when the final version is released in September or October.

A new feature of Apple’s new system is to support the Metal 2 graphics interface to support virtual reality, add external display cards and graphics, and even support HEVC and HEIF formats for video and images.

In addition there are improvements in the interfaces include Safari browser, image application and even Siri plugin.

To get the MacOS High Sierra trial version, you can start from this page, and remember that it may have problems, bugs and errors in some applications. So if you do not like to go into these things, wait for the final release when you launch iPhone in September.


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