How Facebook deals with racist policy and hate speech

A series of documents reveal how Facebook treats hate speech with racism and discriminates between different groups to protect each other at the expense of the other.

Leaked displays show Facebook’s anti-hate speech policy to protect certain groups based on race, sex or sexual orientation, as well as to attack certain groups and provide simple protection to other groups, such as refugees.

The presentation slides are like a multi-option contest that Facebook seems to ask its employees or to facilitate the decision-making process. For example, when comparing women driving, dark-skinned children, white men, Facebook’s policy is to protect white men and thus allow attacks on other groups.

Slides include categories protected by Facebook, as well as those that do not protect them, and contain what is related to religions, social classes, jobs, age and others.

Facebook deals with distinguishing between attacks on small groups within a large category such as Islamist jihadists and large groups such as white people. For example, when a member of the US Congress attacked Islamic Jihadists and demanded the killing of all of them, Facebook did not move. When the activist on black rights, Didi Delgado, published a Facebook publication saying that all white people were racist, the social network deleted the publication and disabled it for a week.

Please note that US laws do not require Facebook to monitor the content posted on it and delete what should be deleted for violating the publishing policies.




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