The Google Play Music app is not working after the last update, and hers the solution

Google recently sent a new update to its music application Google Play Music, which has version number 7.9.4918. Although the update did not add any new or important features, it caused many problems for users.

The problem is simply the breakdown of the application and its inability to work at all. Many people have submitted reviews about this problem, which do not appear to be limited to a certain number of users, but are linked to a recent update that makes the application stop working.

Although Google has not issued a formal response to this problem, it seems that the solution has become known: The gap is related to the operation of Bluetooth on the phone, as many users have confirmed that the Bluetooth turn off the application will work smoothly and without any problems.

We currently do not know what the flaw is and why it does not work well, but according to various reviews on the Internet, the only solution now is to turn off Bluetooth while playing music through Google Play Music, which may be disliked by someone who likes to connect to their phone via External tweeter, it is likely that fixing the vulnerability will come via another update from Google soon.

Have you had a problem with the application after the last update? Share your experience in the comments.



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