Report: Google home smarter than Alexa

Despite the fact that the headphone Amazon, which works with personal assistant Alexa is more popular in the market than the headphones of Google Home, but it is not the smartest: 360i has developed a system that asks Google Home and one of the Amazon 3000 different question to know the smartest, After the system showed that it was 6 times more likely to answer your question than the Amazon headphones that support Alexa. The results also indicate that the ability of Alexa’s speakers to search is excellent but not effective in terms of being a successful personal assistant.

Although Google’s home phone is smarter, it is far less in sales than Amazon headphones, but the market situation can change at any time for several reasons; Google is trying to attract customers by putting a number of new features on the device, adding multi-user support Last April in the United States and launched the same feature in the UK yesterday.

With increasing demand, many companies have entered the market, such as Essential, which announced a home speaker in May. Apple also announced HomePod earlier this month. Rumor has it that Samsung is working on speakers with a Pixby audio assistant.




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