iOS 10.3.1 is no longer enabled on Apple Smartphones

Apple has officially stopped supporting and endorsing iOS version 10.3.1, so Apple smartphone users will not be able to go back to it or to any older version.

Users are offered three versions of iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.3 still in beta, and iOS 11, the first of which is available for public beta.

Apple always tries to stop supporting older versions to force users to use the latest versions to ensure better performance and higher protection.

When the device is connected to iTunes, the device connects to the company’s servers first. This means that even if the user gets the version 10.3.1 files, it will not be possible to use them because Apple’s servers will refuse to authenticate them so that the device will show an error immediately and force the user to use newer versions.

If the device works on iOS 10.3.1, everything will remain the same, meaning the company will not force the user to update to new versions. But because of security vulnerabilities, it is always advisable to use the latest versions.

Apple launched the first public beta version of iOS 11 a few hours ago, after launching the second trial version of the same system for developers. A system that will be officially released to all in September and offers a very wide range of features especially for iPad tablet owners.


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