Apple is looking for a specialist to provide Siri with information about global events

Apple began looking for a software engineering specialist to collaborate with Apple engineers to develop Siri and provide information on events and events around the world.

Siri currently supports events and holidays, and is able to answer questions about her when asked in a direct manner.

According to business requirements, Apple is looking for someone with programming experience who can use some of the development tools to teach PDAs to understand questions about different events. Or in other words, to be compatible with the language of the age in the field of events and events.

Apple offered a simple example of what is needed after Star Wars, which is celebrated annually on May 4 using the phrase “May the Forth be with you”. Apple is developing it now.

Apple is seeking to develop artificial intelligence in the digital assistant as much as possible in the coming period to launch its new home helper HomePod, which will reach the markets officially in December 2017, a device that will focus primarily on music, but Siri will be there to answer questions in any time.

Beginning with iOS 11, users will be able to use Siri by typing instead of just voice commands, as in current versions.

A group of former Apple engineers have agreed that Apple’s digital assistant is still behind everyone in artificial intelligence, even after recent improvements unveiled by the company at the WWDC Developers Conference.


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