Yahoo Mail with new interfaces and tools to organize messages faster

Yahoo! has launched its Yahoo Mail service with completely new interfaces that are in line with the current design hype. For almost all 225 million users at the same time.

The company relied on increasing the distance between the elements to be a phenomenon for all without problems and without accumulating. It also provides tools to change the color of the interfaces according to preference, and other tools to change the color of the elements according to time during the day to rest the eyes while reading texts.

The company developed the search feature so that the user is able to search for people and some of the tags at the same time, and this is the first time in Yahoo Mail. The side menu has also added an option for images and Documents & Photos to access sent attachments very quickly.

It also provided tools for usability so that hearing or sight impaired users could use the service without any problems through tools to enlarge the texts or to read the images on the screen simultaneously.

The interfaces depend on a new framework in the interfaces that helps to run and handle JavaScript and CSS files at 50% faster, which makes using Yahoo a better mile after the arrival of new interfaces.

Finally, the company announced that the Mail Pro service is available for $ 3.49 per month, a service that allows browsing email without ads.

Verizon acquired Yahoo officially on June 13. The company’s chief executive, Marissa Mayer, resigned as soon as the deal was finalized.


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