The European Union fined Google more than $ 2 billion for manipulate the search results

The European Union has decided to impose a heavy fine on the company to violate the laws of anti-monopoly after a long series of investigations, seven years.

The union concluded that Google had misused its dominant competitive position and imposed certain preferences on its user in its search for goods, shopping and product comparison.

The union has imposed a fine of 2.42 billion euros ($ 2.7 billion) on Google, the largest fine to date, after a $ 1 billion fine on Intel.

The manipulation of Google’s algorithms is related to the Google Shopping shopping service, a price comparison service accessible from Google’s official search engine.

Investigations have found that Cocol’s search engine offers search results for products regardless of its advantages, in order to prevent sites comparing other prices from competing visitors.

Not only did the Union pay a fine, but it also forced Google to make changes to search algorithms and to arrange results to provide equal opportunities between competing shopping sites as well as its location.

If it fails to comply with the requirements of the Union, it will be subject to additional fines at a daily rate of up to 5% of its daily revenues.

This ruling is not yet final and Google can appeal to the court to delay it and enter a new judicial spiral, the company said in a press release.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s competition commissioner, faces big charges for unfair attitudes from US technology companies, who have already decided on Apple to pay 13 billion euros in taxes owed to the Irish government.

It is noteworthy that 15% of the anti-monopoly cases and decisions issued by the European Union were against American companies.




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