Petya’s ransom grabbing software hits the world with a bigger spread than WannaCry

Do you remember WannaCry? Let us tell you the biggest blow now, ransom software called Petya has begun to spread in vital institutions such as banks and airports in several countries around the world, including the United States.

According to the Russian security and protection company IB The software was developed by a joint effort by several parties to target victims in Russia and Ukraine. Also affected by the attack companies and devices in other countries such as Spain and Denmark.

In view of the current list of people affected by the software, we find giant names such as Danish shipping company Maersk and Russian oil company Rosneft, and possible delays in airport flights.

The software requires a ransom of $ 300 to be paid by the developers, and has so far made more than $ 2,000 from eight payments. What it does is encrypt files from famous plugins such as Word documents, compressed files, PowerPoint files, web pages, asp, php, e-books, pdf databases and many more.

The attack is still in its infancy and we do not know many details about it, and hope that its damage will stop quickly and we will not get what we saw with WannaCry




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