How to download the public beta version of iOS 11

The trial version of the new iOS 11 operating system is publicly available to download and use for new highlights after they were only available to developers.

The new system offers great advantages, especially in iPad, with multi-tasking and switching between applications to make it a desktop-capable device.

On the iPhone, the update offers a new control center, enhanced reality support and support for the transfer of money between people via Apple Bay and finally became a file manager officially within the operating system.

To download the iOS 11 update with the beta version, follow these steps:

1. Access from iPhone or iPad

2. Press sign up

3. Enter your Apple ID account data

4. Then join the pilot program

5. Go to

6. Click Download Profile

7. Go to Settings – General – Update the system

8. Here you’ll see the iOS 11 beta beta for downloading and installing

As usual, with beta versions, problems sometimes occur and some applications do not work properly, so be careful not to install them on your main device or anticipate these problems.


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