Google News new look for all users

Google has launched the Google News section in a completely new way for all users, to facilitate access to the latest news from reliable sources.

Google has adopted the new design on the card system used in the Android system mainly, and in the rest of the services of Google on the Internet, a system that displays every news item or in a card completely separate to focus on Donna than others.

A user side menu is now available to access the latest news or other rankings like sports or health news with ease. A tab bar is available at the top to view the latest Headlines, Local News, and User For You.

Google said that the user after logging in can determine their geographical location to get the latest news through the local news tab. The User Interests tab is customizable to reach specific team, sport, or even specific company news.

The title and source will be clearly shown on the card, with a section displaying the same news from credible sources to access the news through more than one source away from bias. News algorithms have also been developed to look for news-related videos to be presented as a kind of enhanced user experience.

There will also be a section of reliable news, Fact Check, which verified the accuracy of the data and facts mentioned in it. This is a new attempt by Google to get rid of false news.


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