Facebook Messenger adds new features for video calls

Facebook has introduced a new update to its focus on video talks, adding more interactive elements such as reflexes, masks and more.

Start You can now interact with the video conversation as you do with Facebook postings by clicking on the appropriate emoji that appears by clicking on the icon icon while doing a proper gesture in your face in the video and you will find that it has been applied to the entire screen temporarily.

Filters everywhere, even in video calls Facebook offers several filters such as white, black, syphilis and other color adjustments that apply directly.

Thirdly there are the masks as in the Facebook stories are aesthetic elements added to the video itself and does not control it and modify it in full as in the filters, yes here Facebook hit Snapchat again with filters of the arch of roses, bears, stars and others.

If you like to keep a screenshot of an MSN Messenger call, you do not need to take a screenshot via the usual Android system, but Messenger provides a special button to capture the screen with new additions.

As usual, this update is gradually available on Android and iOS now.

The new update is available for download from the App Store link on the Play Store: Click here, or you can download the apk file for the latest version of the app via the APK Mirror website: click here.




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