New security update from Google for the official Android browser

Google launched a new security update for the official Android browser to raise the level of protection and prevent applications and malicious sites from exploiting the security holes in it.

Android users prefer to use browsers like Firefox or Chrome. But part of the default Android browser, WebView, is used by applications wishing to display any page on the Internet, so any security problem in the official Android browser will attack and protect the device.

From that point of view, Google announced that the new update aims first to confirm which site is opened through the WebView module within any application. This means testing the site within Google’s own database to stop the transition to malicious sites with an instant alert on the screen.

In addition, the company will now isolate the WebView module within the same application. So even when there are malicious code it will not go out of the application itself and will not be able to communicate with other applications.

Developers can enable Safe Browsing in their applications that display Web pages by adding a new program line to inform the system, within the manifest file.


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