Leaked specifications of the second generation of pixel phones from Google

Rumors and news about the second generation of Google pixel phones have begun to spread, this time by informed sources, according to XDA Developers.

Google plans to launch two phones this year as well, the first to be named Walleye, a 4.97-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and side-by-side features just like in the first generation. But the device will work with the Snab Dragon 835 2.45 GHz, and random access memory 4 GB and 64 GB storage space.

The second phone, known as Taimen, is a 6-inch screen with no side edges of 1440 pixels of LG. The company also plans to dispose of the headphone port in the new devices to add higher-quality speakers.

According to the source, Google will not use a dual camera and will maintain the use of one lens for photography, so that the second generation of a pixel is somewhat similar to the first generation without much change.

Google has begun to reduce dependence on foreign companies in developing its phones, specifically processors. It has appointed one of Apple’s former engineers to oversee the development of new phone processors within Google.


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