Google will stop reading the content of Gmail Mail messages for advertising purposes

One of Google’s biggest criticisms of privacy is that it scans and reads the content of Gmail users’ messages electronically to view its content and display ads that are compatible with it, Google will eventually stop.

This year, Google will begin to stop scanning emails electronically to show targeted ads to users. However, this does not mean that you will stop showing ads within Gmail Mail. The targeting method will differ, and will not be related to the content of the messages in particular, but you will still know your browsing data via Chrome, search queries, videos you see or search through YouTube, Link you to a large number of keywords and targeted ads.

Since its launch in 2004 and up to 1.2 billion users, Gmail has been scanning user messages electronically through specialized software to capture key words and target you with relevant ads.

Many companies and privacy organizations have filed complaints against Google about these practices, sometimes paying them off, and Microsoft has used them as a weakness in the comparison between Outlook and Mail Gmail.

This will be the same for individual Gmail users with free accounts, as well as companies joining the G Suite application suite, which hopes to drive more users to pay-for-free service to benefit from more benefits.




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